January 2020 UPDATE: COsewn is not currently accepting new clients.

With a focus on serving emerging and independent designers, COsewn provides resources and offers consulting, coaching, project management, and product development services to help designers navigate the process of designing and manufacturing a sewn product, including technical design, patternmaking, sample sewing, and project management.

High quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, sustainability, supply chain transparency, ethical production, and preservation of artisan techniques are at the COsewn core.

COsewn was founded in 2012 by Jessica Montoya, a sewing professional with 15+ years of experience in the sewing and fashion industry. After its beginnings in the Denver foothills and then spending several years on the western slope of Colorado, COsewn returned to Denver in the fall of 2019.

Since April of 2020, the company has been focused primarily on producing a house line of face masks, which can be found at LadybirdSewsHerNest.etsy.com.