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January 19, 2012
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March 2, 2012
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Introducing:  “Compiled Content”

A Collection of COsewn Curated Links


This regular series will feature links to articles around the web that we find insightful and informative. Topics may include fashion industry news, entrepreneurial tips, textile advances, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, sustainability, general business advice, designer interviews, trends, avant garde creations, and anything else that we feel may be interesting and relevant to our community of independent designer entrepreneurs, fashion friends, and sewing industry professionals.

For starters, here’s our first content roundup:

  • Interview with Lizzie Parker gives aspiring indie fashion designers an inside scoop on the business of fashion. Parker shares some great insights on sustainable design, made in the USA, honing a specialty, and staying true to one’s roots.  – Source4Style
  • Polo Puzzle: What Goes Into a $155 Price Tag? This article breaks down an independent startup fashion label’s costs to manufacture a high quality cotton polo shirt in the USA.  – WSJ
  • As NYC Fashion Week is wrapping up, here’s some insight into the challenges emerging designers face in breaking into the runway spotlight.  – NYMag
  • Is fine craftsmanship in clothing a dying art?  – The Ecologist
  • 10 Essential Features of Every Good Business Website.  – Mashable
  • Lexus fashion workshop turns recyclable hybrid car parts into haute couture.  – Ecouterre

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